Friday, July 14, 2017

Shiesuta - Japanese Style Room 1

A new escape game by Shiesuta  . Solve the puzzles and use the items found to escape . Good Luck and Have Fun !

Video Walkthrough

  1. FINALLY!!!

    Hints : for the grid, do the math on the 2*2 grid so you can get the star value, then apply it to the 4*4 grid in your inventory, you get 4 numbers, then follow the order of the colors on the script!

    and for the 4 digits box just do NOT overthink it, you have 8 numbers and you just need four, so combine the 8 numbers clue you have with the calendar clue!

    hope this helps lol ..

  2. That took me 3 days, excellent game. Reading your hints still took me 2 days LOL

    Thanks Shiesuta for making me think so hard<3
    Good post E-A

  3. .. and babycakes spent half an hour trying to figure out how 7*4=28 ( the days checked on the calendar) could relate to the 8 numbers lol , then it just happened!

    <3 Shiesuta