Friday, September 18, 2015

A Quick Word ( 2 )

okay i fixed the lines left and right , Thank you Sabine ! .. but STILL it looks distorted on mobile ( not done yet it's still a mess ! ) , or looks different on some other browsers ( other than Chrome and FF ) i'm not sure , and again i don't really care lol .. now seriously , let me know if anything is wrong using those two browsers .. and let me know if any of you is a pro Blogger , or knows any pro Blogger freelancer because i couldn't find any available one yet and i just want this thing done , just out of curiosity ! .. my email address is available on my profile , and my facebook page as well ( i'm publishing some records there now and then btw xD , depends on how bored i am , just finishing what some miserable loners started some time ago ) .. Thank you ~~ ..